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Frog Juice 7000 Sunscreen Clear

Frog Juice 7000 Sunscreen Clear

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This UV liquid adhesive will coat and protect your outdoor signs, banners, decals, and more. It comes in three sizes: 12 oz Aerosol Spray, 1 Quart, and 1 Gallon.

    Frog Juice takes about five minutes to dry to the light touch and 30 minutes to dry enough to be fully handled. After 30 days, the spray-on resin coating will be fully cured to its hardest level.

    • Use Frog Juice on materials that are bendable or easy to fold, like vinyl banners, and it will not crack, wrinkle, fade, or discolor your designs
    • Frog Juice provides additional protection from the elements and this makes your product last longer.
    • Use it on vinyl decals to help seal the edges;  prevents material from curling up from the substrate surface
    • Apply to anything you want to create a high gloss finish

    Frog Juice is an excellent sealant option for anyone interested in increasing the longevity of their custom printed products! 

    Use Frog Juice on: 

    • Aluminum Signs
    • Vinyl Banners
    • Corrugated Signs
    • Cosplay Costumes
    • Vinyl decals for use on permanent surfaces
    • License plates
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