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PC-L Plastic and Laminate Cutter

PC-L Plastic and Laminate Cutter

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  • Scorer for plastics or laminates
  • Creates fine score lines for a clean break
  • Fully retractable blade
  • Blade storage in handle

Create Accurate Scores for Perfect Breaks

When cutting plastics or laminates, nothing makes the job easier than the OLFA PC-L Plastic and Laminate Cutter. This tool creates accurate, fine score lines for a precision break every time. The fully retractable blade can be placed in unlimited, customizable depths for perfect cuts. Multiple blade positions allow you the flexibility needed when working with plastics. The ratchet-wheel lock safely maintains the blade position during use.

The cutter comes preloaded with a premium tungsten steel, dual-edge blade. Two additional PB-800 Plastic and Laminate Cutter Replacement Blades are included and can be stored within the handle.

Suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

(PC-L, #1090486)

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