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9mm PA-2 Multi-Blade Auto-Lock Precision Knife

9mm PA-2 Multi-Blade Auto-Lock Precision Knife

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Are tedious blade changes slowing you down when you have a lot of continuous cutting? The solution is the OLFA 9mm PA-2 Multi-Blade Auto-Lock Precision Knife. With its innovative design, this knife can store up to five (5) replacement blades. That is 65 sharp edges for a multitude of cutting power.

The durable fiberglass-reinforced handle is comfortable in hand. A stainless-steel support channel runs the length of the blade for volume cutting. The automatic blade lock allows for swift blade positioning with a single touch.

Two (2) ABB Ultra-Sharp Black Snap-Off Blades come loaded in the handle for immediate use. These dual-honed blades are up to 25% sharper than standard silver blades. Each blade has (13) segments for volume use. As the edge dulls, a quick snap provides a fresh tip in an instant. When finished with the last blade segment, eject the used blade in seconds. Push the auto-lock slider forward to release the blade; then pull it back to load a new one.

Fits all OLFA 9mm blades including AB Silver Snap Blades, A-SOL Silver Solid Blades, and AB-S Stainless-Steel Snap Blades(PA-2, #1064416)

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