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Madeira USA

E-ZEE Cut Just right BLACK 2.5oz 20'x25yd

E-ZEE Cut Just right BLACK 2.5oz 20'x25yd

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20inX25yd roll Black

E-Zee Cut® Just Right 2.5 oz, is a medium weight Cut Away stabilizer for embroidering with knits and lightly woven fabrics,

It has a soft hand and is great for use with medium stitch counts and medium density designs. This economical stabilizer works well with one or two pieces. Use with medium weight fleece, knits and stretchy fabrics. Cut Away backings should be used for unstable and knit fabrics. Available in black and white.


  • E-Zee Cut® Just Right 2.5 oz. backing
  • Black
  • Medium weight
  • Cut Away stabilizer
  • 20" x 25 yard roll
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