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Mack Brushes

Mack Grey Stroke Lettering Brush (1932)

Mack Grey Stroke Lettering Brush (1932)

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The old “Art Sign Company” used to make a series 1963 Super Grey Hound. It was made with Pure Grey Talahoutky Squirrel. This Grey Squirrel is very hard to get today and is also very expensive. Nevertheless, our customers have been requesting a Grey Squirrel Flat (or lettering brush). Since our 1962 (Flat), which is a mixture of Pure Blue Squirrel and Synthetic hair sells as well, or even a little better, than our Pure Squirrel Flat series 1992 – we thought we would bring out a Grey mixture Flat that would not be all that expensive and still give you the body and snap of our Grey Squirrel Hair. This is not intended to replace our Series 1962 or 1992. It is a merely a less expensive alternative. Hope you like it!!

Available in 6 sizes 

Series 1932

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

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