E-ZEE Aqua Topping 3mil 7" x 7"

E-ZEE Aqua Topping 3mil 7" x 7"
Item# 101-7-7


E-Zee Aqua Topping 3mil is used on top of the garment when embroidering, adding greater definition to most designs. Use with high profile, soft knits and soft pile fabrics like sweaters, fleece, corduroy and terry to prevent stitches from sinking and getting lost in the fabric.

Also great when used in conjunction with 60 weight thread to achieve a crisper, design result.

Hoop or lay E-Zee Aqua Topping on top of the garment before embroidering. After the embroidery is done, remove the bulk of the topping by tearing it away. Remaining pieces may be removed by spritzing with water. Heavier pieces may require using the "bubble gum" technique. Click on the link below for more details.

7inX7in 250/pk